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Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

A pretty momentous event last week. I read two excellent pieces on it and on him: My latest @telegraph column on @DouglasCarswell defection to UKIP http://t.co/x9j0092a9C — Liam Halligan (@LiamHalligan) August 31, 2014 and If Dave and his pals are our … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence vote

The vote in September is unlikely to be Yes for Independence – though the polls are closer now than a few months ago and there is a large undecided bloc.  However, I’ll be surprised if Scotland votes Yes especially as … Continue reading

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UK Budget AKA Re-election broadcast

Talking w/ @SimonLederman @BBCLondon949 c 10.15pm 2nite re Budget AKA Re-election broadcast @MelPolydorou — Jonathan Davis (@J0nathanDavis) March 19, 2014 I wrote this last year: 2013 Budget, March 2013 You might spend 2 minutes looking at it.  You might notice … Continue reading

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Global debt

https://twitter.com/JDWealthManager/status/393978455395954688 Have you EVER seen anything more stupifyingly shocking? Since the US, in particular, came off the Gold Standard (thanks Trickie Dickie Nixon) the amount of debt, globally, has exploded.  You wonder why a)    House prices are so high b)    … Continue reading

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