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Investment markets – Update on equity markets

I’ve just wasted 4 and a half hours of my professional life.  And £15.80. The latter was the cost of a return train ticket to get to a conference on investing.  The former was the time travelling and the 10% … Continue reading

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Update on markets

The purpose of this post is to show what is happening. So, the US $ is to collapse, so say the inflationistas, the gold bugs, the Anderson shelter types etc. Yet the $ index, against a generally accepted basket of … Continue reading

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Emerging Markets’ investing v Developed Markets

When we talk of Emerging Markets (EMs) we mean the likes of Brazil, Russia, India, China etc (AKA The BRICs). The Developed Markets (DMs) are the Anglo Saxon countries and Japan, Germany, France etc. Over the last 6-9 months there … Continue reading

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