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why we need to watch the Japanese Yen …

Originally posted on Bart's Charts:
full disclosure … check out this chart below.  this is where I was stopped out of a LONG USD vs the JPY. this game is really hard, if you make it.  As my mentor…

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Is NOW really the time to be invested in or to be investing in Western shares?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the FTSE (the index of the share prices of the largest 100 public companies based in the UK) is down on where it was nearly A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. It … Continue reading

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Investment markets – Update on equity markets

I’ve just wasted 4 and a half hours of my professional life.  And £15.80. The latter was the cost of a return train ticket to get to a conference on investing.  The former was the time travelling and the 10% … Continue reading

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US Dollar and GB Pound update

First, a recap of what I said a month ago.  Full post here. 4 August 2014: “So, the US $ is to collapse, so say the inflationistas, the gold bugs, the Anderson shelter types etc. Yet the $ index, against … Continue reading

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A theme I have written of many times, during the last few years, is how we, in the West, may be #turningjapanese.  What this refers to is Japan’s lost TWO decades between 1989 and 2012 when Japan had Deflation and … Continue reading

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Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

A pretty momentous event last week. I read two excellent pieces on it and on him: My latest @telegraph column on @DouglasCarswell defection to UKIP — Liam Halligan (@LiamHalligan) August 31, 2014 and If Dave and his pals are our … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence vote

The vote in September is unlikely to be Yes for Independence – though the polls are closer now than a few months ago and there is a large undecided bloc.  However, I’ll be surprised if Scotland votes Yes especially as … Continue reading

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