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25+ year veteran of the world of financial services, the last 10 doing the same thing under his own name.  We work with families all over the UK and in Switzerland and, indeed, on 2 other continents. If interested in our Wealth Management work, cast a glance at the firm’s website.

From time to time media folk call me and ask me to rant live or in the press.  JD in the media.

I don’t buy hype.  I don’t believe it’s the end of the world but I do believe, within a generation, the West will have no welfare state.  The maths don’t lie.  We’re toast.  It’s obvious if you think about it.

Me on Sky News March 2011:

If they raise rates we’re toast.  If they don’t it’s BECAUSE we’re toast.

I believe the only system that can possibly bring equality and freedom is Capitalism.  Bring Back Capitalism is what I often say.  We haven’t had it for decades.  The only time in the UK, in the last 100 years, was the 1980s.  The US had it very briefly under President Warren G Harding in 1920/21.  During these periods inequality fell and opportunity grew.  The elite got a good kicking as did trade unionists.  Other than that hardly at all.  Hence, why we’re bankrupt and society is hugely unequal, we’re gradually (bit by bit) losing our freedoms and the rich are getting richer, the poor remain poor and the middle class becomes poorer and poorer.

Also I believe it’s no longer Left v Right (not that probably it ever was).  It’s Politicians, public sector (especially Civil Service and Local Authorities), Central Bankers, Landowners (now including multiple property owners), Banksters, multi-nationals and Mainstream Media v us.  Not every single person in these areas.  Only 95% of them.

I am proud to call myself a true Capitalist (not a crony capitalist as the bulk of so-called capitalsts actually are) and a Libertarian (19th century Liberal, not the Marxist Liberal Democrats today).

My economics and societal changing heroes include (in date order) Adam Smith, Warren Harding, Friedrich Hayek, Margaret Thatcher and Ron Paul.

Live in East Herts, between Cambridge and London, UK.   Work from home 70% of time, the rest I’m out with clients, at seminars or public speaking.  Sometimes folk ask me to do that too.  Which I do if I like the event – whether or not a fee is involved.  If I don’t particularly like then I’ll likely still do it for a fee.

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