why we need to watch the Japanese Yen …

Finest and most generous investing/trading post I’ve read in 2014

Bart's Charts

full disclosure … check out this chart below.  this is where I was stopped out of a LONG USD vs the JPY.

this game is really hard, if you make it.  As my mentor and friend Larry Pesavento says – “trading/investing isn’t hard, but it sure isn’t easy.”  I was pretty cocky 7-8 years ago when I was sitting in Larry’s trading room.  I asked him “what do you consider a good month?”  He sat back, looked at me and stared me directly in the eyes and said “if I make 1 cent.”  I laughed … little did I know that one sentence was the most profound statement I would here ….. no kidding.

so how do you get in this move … ? well, you WAIT for the opportunity to come to you.  If you look at the line in the sand – 10/28/2011 – you’ll see the “SEED…

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