Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

A pretty momentous event last week.

I read two excellent pieces on it and on him:


I’ve also read a superb and informative discussion here Carswell defects online discussion

It seems to me that all is not as clear as various players want everyone to believe (so what’s new?).

I suggest the following:

  1. Carswell attended a high level Tory party meeting where a top-flight analyst said Clacton is the most UKIP-oriented seat in the country. Thus he simply got scared of losing his seat.
  2. If he’s so principled  – as ‘everyone’ says – how come this libertarian, free market capitalist has joined a Socialist party (have you seen their policies?)?
  3. If he’s so free market-minded, how come he gives short shrift to those who question the high house price mantra of the Centre?

OK, I’ll accept he’s relatively principled.  Also, he’s relatively libertarian and somewhat capitalist.  I guess he must be anti-EU but I don’t know.

I think he defected because a) he calculated he needs to go to UKIP or lose his high paid job.  Also, b) I’ll wager UKIP were über friendly to him whereas his own ex Party were nasty to him.  He felt friendless and he seeks friendship.  Who doesn’t?

What he IS is a sucking-on-the-teat of the State politician, first and foremost.  He desires his £100k (equivalent) income for doing (fill in salesmanship and marketing blanks).

Who wouldn’t?  It’s what he does.  He’s good at it and it’s so easy money.

I hope he wins the By Election and next May.  He’s – by far – not the worst politician in the UK.  But he is a politician.  And a very very clever one.


As an aside there is something a little weird worth mentioning.  I have never corresponded with him.  Neither he to me.  Directly or via social media.  Never once.   I have RT’d his tweets in the past.

He blocks me.  Around a couple of years ago, I once clicked to Follow and I couldn’t.  He had already blocked me before I had the chance to Follow him.  What’s that about???  Weird but true.



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13 Responses to Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

  1. Apart from Anti EU I see little difference economically between UKIP and LIBLABCON.

    • Anonymous says:

      perhaps, but that doesn’t make them “socialist” in any accepted sense. having said that, no party in europe since le pen’s FN in 1978 have run on a “libertarian” policy platform.

      UKIP certainly are further to the right than the established parties, though, advocating abolishing inheritance tax entirely (so much for meritocracy) and increasing military spending by an eye-watering 40%.

      • Socialism is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t bother to academically differentiate between Socialism Marxism Fascism

        it’s all about funneling money and power up.

      • Anonymous says:

        well that is just intellectually dishonest of you. you are claiming, without hint of irony, that there is no difference between the nordic social market model, north korea and italian fascism?

        and you think libertarianism is about distributing power more equitably? REALLY?

        have you ever read hoppe, rothbard and “von” mises, because i have and all they represent (with their generous koch and rockefeller grants) is a retrenchment of class and dynastic power – an entitlement mindset for the 1%.

        and don’t forget, the most thorough example of a libertarian economic programme the world has yet seen took place in chile under the auspices of a murderous, fascist military junta with the explicit approval and assistance of “von” mises, rothbard and friedman.

      • Nobody believes Chile to have been libertarian. Behave.

        The type of libertarian free market capitalism I like is when businesses that fail are let go bust, the State is small as a %age of the economy and there is little intervention by officials.

        Then Nordics w/o North Sea Oil would likely move from ‘distribution’ eventually to hard line. As they all do, unles brought to book by the people.

        Hence why I see little difference except in how far from the authoritarianism of teh baddies.

        Funny I give my name but you never do.

      • Anonymous says:

        the economic policies in chile came directly from milton friedman and the mont pelerin trust-fund-kids – the poster boys of libertarian “intellegensia”. of course it was impossible to impose their economic policies without a brutal US backed coup and a murderous, fascist police state.

        where is this imaginary libertarian utopia you talk about? seems to me that it has never existed outside the average minds of “von” mises et al and thatcher’s paedophilic handler, keith joseph.

        as for the nordics, sure norway has loads of oil and denmark has a reasonable amount (and haven’t they spent it well?) but finland has absolutely no oil reserves and has long managed to maintain their social market model (and world beating education system) despite this.

        switzerland manages to have a social market economy (and pretty low taxes, too) and high levels of public ownership of infrastructure despite having few natural resources.

        as for them “beeing brought to book by the people”, i thought you believed that democracy inevitably lead to fascism? funny how switzerland, the most democratic country in the world has enjoyed the fruits of an egalitarean, social market model for over a century.

        i don’t reveal my name as i have been placed on an illegal blacklist by a “capitalist”, a la ricky tomlinson.

      • Anonymous says:

        and look what thatcher did with north sea oil – hosed the lot up the wall on welfare payments, like a profligate drunkard. now there is nothing to show for it whatsoever.

      • Anonymous says:

        the type of “free market capitalism” you advocate does not exist, nor has it ever. not even when ayn rand cultist, alan greenspan, was head of the federal reserve.

        and why do you think that the inbred american aristoctracy monopoloy capitalists funnel so much of their inherited wealth into “free market” thinktanks?

      • Thus, we must speak out to bring it around.

      • Anonymous says:

        well i am sure that the Rich Kids of Instagram and the land owning aristocracy are very appreciative of your efforts to defend their interests.

        the thing is, i have actually READ the rubbish that rothbard wrote about the “bell curve” apartheid, the homeless, childcare and parental responsibilty (you can starve your kids!), what “von” mises wrote (with a whiff of eugenics) about natural elites, what ayn rand (in an overtly racist tirade) said about mossadegh and iran and her hitlerean views on “subnormal” children, what walter block wrote about “voluntary” slavery and the bangladesh factory collapse, ron paul’s views on the rights of slave owners to receive a government bailout and what hoppe and kinsella’s views are on absolute monarchy.

        and i also know the identity of the crony capitalist monopolists who fund the various libertarian think tanks and provide generous grants to libertarian “intellectuals”. are you so credulous as to believe they would do so against their own interests?

      • Everyone is out for themselves.

        Noone funds me

        if it’s right say it.

      • Anonymous says:

        so you think the examples of the positions i gave of rothbard, “von” mises, block, rand et al are RIGHT?

        if anybody from the centre right to centre left really knew what that bunch meant by “freedom”, they would be horrified.

  2. Anonymous says:

    UKIP are socialists? by what definitiion? are they going to nationalise utilities and embolden the labour movement? seems you don’t know what a socialist is (nor a capitalist – singapore in many ways makes france look like galt’s gulch and harding was an anti free market protectionist – and you should see the people who funded his campaign! – it;s a veritable who’s who of robber baron monopolists!)

    it’s funny – in “von” mises’ day, socialism was a code word for “jewish” (he wrote about this) – nowadays it is a codeword for Anything Thatcherites Don’t Like.

    and i thought the thatcherite, libertarian blogosphere had given up since keith joseph, rhodes boyson and nicholas fairbairn were added to the already huge list of predatory peadeophiles in thatcher’s inner circle?

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