Scottish Independence vote

The vote in September is unlikely to be Yes for Independence – though the polls are closer now than a few months ago and there is a large undecided bloc.  However, I’ll be surprised if Scotland votes Yes especially as the Establishment is out in force telling the people to vote No.

Why would that be, I wonder?  See below.

Until a few weeks ago my standard answer to ‘what would you vote for’ was:

Well, as an Economist and Wealth Manager AND as a Scot I can forcefully say…I don’t care what they do! 🙂

As far as I could tell there are pros and cons on both sides and there is no black and white.  So, do or not – it’ll be fine (or terrible) whatever.

However, I changed my mind a few weeks ago.

It occurred to me this is a fantastic opportunity to bring a Government closer to the governed.

As everyone should know:

The closer a Government is to the governed, the easier it is for the governed to control the Government.  Hence why Cantons in Switzerland work and Switzerland does fantastically well.  As well as German Länder and Germany.  Then you have Hong Kong and Singapore.

The further the Government is from the governed… well you get it.  Look at Westminster and Scotland.  Brussels and all over EU.  Washington DC and USA.  Beijing and China etc.

So, Scotland would be stupid not to vote for Independence.  Thus, as everywhere, they will do the stupid thing and vote No.

It is immaterial that SNP is Socialist.  As are all the others!

What is 100% material is that the more Socialist a country becomes, if the governed have any power, Capitalism can be brought back.

If only…

Of course, all of this is likely to be nonsense because if Scotland did get Independence of Westminster it would then become subordinated to Brussels and the Edinburgh political mafia would get high six figure tax free salaries over there. 😦

So I go back to what I said at outset – I don’t care what they do.  They’re toast anyway.  Politicians! MEH!

So why is the Establishment telling the people to stay in the Union?  Simple.

It needs as many as possible to bail out its #banksters and pay taxes to the Government and make the rich richer.  Obviously.






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8 Responses to Scottish Independence vote

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  2. Anonymous says:

    “What is 100% material is that the more Socialist a country becomes, if the governed have any power Capitalism can be brought back.” ???? want to rephrase?

    in terms of public ownership of natural monopolies and infrastructure, your favoured examples of functioning capitalism (switzerland, germany, hong kong and singapore) are far more “socialised” than they are in the UK or USA.

    if you are going to continue to call yourself an economist, you should really have a better grasp of what socialism actually means in an academic sense.

  3. boris clode says:

    Would independence be bullish/bearish for Scottish house prices? Should I invest? I appreciate your reply, if any, is not advice

    • Short term bearish.

      No idea longer term. Economy could go inflationary or deflationary? Into €?

      Should you invest? Ha! There are loads of brilliant investment opportunities which have collapsed. So why gamble?

  4. TNA says:

    I saw an accurate tweet about the recent debate between the Scottish bloke who bought a lot of bad banks for the taxpayer and the bloke who wants to not share the debt but keep the oil; something along the lines of it being a debate between two socialists who were competing to think of ways to spend your money.

    Now, if there was an option to vote for a model like Sandy Springs, we’d be moving to Edinburgh immediately.

    Sandy Springs, the city that outsourced everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      sandy springs is far more corporatist than capitalist and is run/owned exclusively by a private monopoly – CH2M Hill, an iraq war, hurricane katrina and tsunami profiteer. they in turn outsource their utilities to uncelebratead global monopolists like the unloved severn trent water.

      it is the nearest thing in the developed world to apartheid south africa, with plantation mentality whites seceding into their ghastly gated communities and banal strip malls.

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