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Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

A pretty momentous event last week. I read two excellent pieces on it and on him: My latest @telegraph column on @DouglasCarswell defection to UKIP — Liam Halligan (@LiamHalligan) August 31, 2014 and If Dave and his pals are our … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence vote

The vote in September is unlikely to be Yes for Independence – though the polls are closer now than a few months ago and there is a large undecided bloc.  However, I’ll be surprised if Scotland votes Yes especially as … Continue reading

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Update on markets

The purpose of this post is to show what is happening. So, the US $ is to collapse, so say the inflationistas, the gold bugs, the Anderson shelter types etc. Yet the $ index, against a generally accepted basket of … Continue reading

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