Precious metals investing

The above is Silver.  Silver broke up out of its 1st and 2nd hurdles this week. The 2nd is the lower falling trend line, shown.

It is a fair assumption it will close above this line tonight.  In other words, it will have a weekly close above Resistance.  This is important to the bullish case.

The target now for Silver is $26/26.5.  That equates to c $1500/1550 for Gold.  As recently as December Gold was sub $1200.

We bought, heavily, into Gold and Small Capitalisation Gold Mining shares in the Autumn of last year.

The leader (leading indicator) in the Precious Metals market – Small Cap Miners – has been moving like a rocket ship.  In just the last two weeks it has rocketed a massive 28% (in US$).

The technical indicators are very positive and confirming the trend is up.

The minimum target is $60/65 but I suspect it will be more like $90.

This year.

NB. In early 2011, the GDXJ Index peaked at $180.  Look where it is now, in comparison.

I hasten to say though we remain of the view, until something changes it, that precious metals are still in a long term bear market, which started in 2011.

We would have to see Silver rise above $28, with strength, before we would even contemplate that the long term trend has changed from down to up, for Gold and Silver and mining shares.


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13 Responses to Precious metals investing

  1. Gary (?) says:

    Hi mate

    When do you think the intermediate top might be in then before the bear resumes? Same duration up as most recent leg down, circa three years?

    Total punt I know

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah fair point really, just surprising that you put out a forecast for the “long term” when as you say things are bound to change. I can barely cope with what’s going on in the present

  3. Anonymous says:

    Precious metals are in a bear market? I thought they were going to the moon

    Strong average rises due 2008 to 2018

    • God, you spend an awful lot of time scraping the barrel to find me wrong on something. of course you are anonymous. isn’t the internet lovely?

      Excuse me – they did go to the moon FFS!| Then we largely got out from mining shares in late 2010 (at the highs or within 10%) and Jan 13 before the final big leg down.

      Quote me again from 6 yrs ago and I’ll block you. I have no interest in commenting on comments I made years ago. Too many things can happen in the meanwhile entirely altering the landscape and you – mr clever f’g clogs – should know that.

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