What’s going on with the US$

The above is the index of the US $ against a basket of currencies, such as € (c 58% of index), £, CAN$, CHF (Swiss Franc) and Japanese ¥ and (strangely) Swedish Krona.

As you can see the US$ was in confirmed uptrend from the all time low in 2011 to last Summer (red diagonal line indicates).

However, since last Summer the $ has fallen to the White horizontal support line.  This has been support – from where it bounced several times – during the last 2 years.

Curiously, the $ rose sharply on Thursday and Friday just gone.  Is the bounce sustainable?


As Sterling based investors what has this meant for the $ : £ relationship?

The above shows the £ : $ price. You will see the £ has risen strongly since last Summer… as the $ has been weak, generally.

As far as we can see the media says the £ has been strong because the UK has higher growth right now than the US.

Maybe.  More likely, it is because the US$ has been weak, rather than the £ has been strong.

So, if you ask me where is the £ v $ going?  I cannot say.  What I can say is the following:

1. The US $ is sitting, right now, at multi year support from which it has bounced several times.

2. The £ : $ shows a weekly bar (candle in the jargon) last week which showed the £ rose strongly but ended the week on a low, near where it started the week.  Such a candle, with a top or bottom wick has previously indicated a change of trend or confirmation of new trend, as shown by the arrows.

3. If the $ breaks below support then that’s probably it – $ dying and £ to rise further.

4. If $ rises again off support then the opposite to #3.


The level of the US$ is normally important to the level of US share prices and global commodity prices.

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