The Freedom Festival

I am delighted and honoured that JDWM logo i.e. our firm will sponsor the Gala Dinner of the Freedom Festival weekend next month in Bournemouth (14th – 16th).

We are also one of the Partners to this superb event.

The Freedom Festival is created by the superb The Freedom Association a group established by, amongst others, the venerable Ross McWhirter and Norris McWhirter CBE whom I recall – with some sense of thinking they’re a little weird – from Roy Castle’s (unforgettable) Record Breakers in the 1970s.

Did you know Ross was assassinated by the Provos (the IRA)?  I certainly did not.  I can see why he was a target.  It strikes me as not particularly freedom thinking to restrict the Irish in the UK as Ross proposed.  See the Wikipedia entry.  Was it a reason to murder him?  Certainly not – that is the essence of tyranny and the opposite of freedom.  No doubt they justified themselves as all tyrants do.  (One man’s tyrant/terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  Yes, but there are ways and means.  Look at Ukraine right now, for example.  It’s called democracy.)

So, if you’re going to the event please say hello and that you read this blog and especially come to the Gala Dinner where I’ll be giving a short speech about The Great Depression in the US 1920/21 – THAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT!

Copyright Jonathan Davis 2014

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27 Responses to The Freedom Festival

  1. Anonymous says:

    “in defence of the city” by the freedom association….

    forward by the chinless bloke from the oligarch, finance and big tobacco funded IEA

  2. could be, nobody or no organisation is (close to) perfect

    • Anonymous says:

      they did a talk at my grammer school about how fabulous colonial britain was and how lucky the indans and africans were to be raped by the empire.

    • Anonymous says:

      doesn’t it worry you that they are run and funded by CIA spooks, monopolists and toffs? same as hayek being the personal tutor of arch monopolist and friend of mao, david rockefeller.

      • Why don’t you go to a free speaking festival and accuse them and see what they say? In N Korea, China, Russia, US etc you couldn’t get away with it. Welcome to the concept of freedom linked with capitalism

      • Anonymous says:

        these are not accusations but facts on the public record – google it. don’t know why you are talking about N Korea and china – i live in NL which in many ways is much freer than singapore which i have visited and it is plagued by stupid, draconian laws, miserably heirarchical social stratification and is still full of white toffs in archaic gentlemans clubs. the freedom association thought apartheid SA was “a free country” and “part of the free world”, by the way. there is much more to freedom than private property rights, and the fig leaf of “choice”.

      • Anonymous says:

        and everyone in singapore works a 15 hour day apart from the toffs and tax exiles who don’t work at all. i’ll take haarlem, thanks.

      • How many hours do you feel they ought to work? Why do you get to decide?

      • Anonymous says:

        well your herso harding saw the need to impose an 8 hour day on business and according to you, the economy flourished. i’d rather live somewhere where normal working people have the chance to enjoy a family life and paid holidays. when you see the misery that indonesian domestic workers endure working for toff white expats it is quite depressing, almost as bad as a white gated community in south africa or curacao.

      • Anonymous says:

        as for “who gets to decide” – that is a function of democracy. sometimes entitled, rich white people call that “violence”. pathetic really.

      • Anonymous says:

        THIS is why working hours need to be regulated –

        doesn’t that disgust you, or do you hide behind the fig leaf of “choice” like other privileged whites do?

      • if we all had opportunity – which we do not – people would work as they chose and it would not be slavery. working under indebted and high costs conditions is slavery

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s just a theory isn’t it? where does that work in the real world? when has it ever? it’s just utopian individualism, very much like utopian collectivism with all of their cliques. i guess thats why there are so many ex marxists and trots among your ranks.

      • Anonymous says:

        i know a family of extremely high net worth who live in curacao – they live in a gated community with barbed wire fences and armed guards. they hate and fear the local black population and the black population, getting moe bolivarian by the day, resent them – they don’t work or produce anything. they have lost all their real, tangible freedom just to avoid a bit of tax. funny concept of “freedom”.

      • Anonymous says:

        about the debt – just write it off just like many debts have been written off over the years. why should people today and their children pay off the debts of monarchs, despots, tyrants and governments in thrall to bankers as england has been since henry viii. why this cuckoldish obedience to bondholding shysters?

      • yeah create moral hazard. such a ridiculously stupid idea

      • Anonymous says:

        as for high costs – your favourite example of capitalism, singapore, is the most expensive city in the world and without huge government handouts and social housing, the badly treated indonesian and philipino domestic servants would starve.

      • it’s so bad it’s doubled in population and will rise again 50% over next couple of decades. God must be terrible to live there

      • Anonymous says:

        so people should pay the debts of propped up dictators to prevent moral hazard? give me a break… i heard ayn rand going on about iran, saying they should respect the contracts the shah signed – what is it with you lot and sacred contracts? they are not worth the paper they are written on.

      • Anonymous says:

        singapoe is great if you are a white tax exile who doesn’t mind being monitored on cctv all day and being subject to draconian, stupid laws. personally, it isn’t so great if you are a indonesian domestic, subject to poverty, violence and rape and not legally allowed any time off. (1 day a week at employers discretion) also, the death penalty exists for the victimless crime of drug posession and their ISA law makes the patriot act and the recent NSA stories look minor. much more personal freedom and less state “violence”, as you would call it, in NL.

      • Anonymous says:

        this is what it is like in singapore –

        horrible, conformist, joyless place. never been , have you? monaco is almost as awful.,

      • Anonymous says:

        do you realise that native singaporeans are leaving in droves (60% of teenagers want to leave, according to a survey) to find more personal freedom in australia, western europe and the US and being replaced by white tax exiles and domstic workers from the 3rd world. a fascist feifdom owned and run with an iron fist by the lee dynasty. hoppe and block would like it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    another key figure in the “freedom” association was the shadowy, MI6and CIA linked ex communist, brian crozier who was part of the famous “wilson plot” coup plan to installl a fascist military dictatorship in the UK led by lord mountbatten. he was also a member of the CIA backed “le cercle” serect society connected to the fascist “gladio” stay behind armies, the bilderberg steering comitee and the trilateral group along with kissinger, rockefeller and brzezinski.

  4. Anonymous says:

    and funded and run by old etonians, aristocrats and parasitic vulture capitalists. oh – and tim congdon who was a cheerleader for the bailout of northern rock – you couldn’t make it up!

  5. Anonymous says:

    no idea what the freedom association have to do with “freedom”. they were are racist, far right, imperialist organisation whose main cause celebre was suppourt for the white supremacist regimes of south africa and rhodesia. perhaps he was assasinated by the IRA because he advocated apartheid policies against britons of irish extraction?

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