Update to PiPO tablet

I’ve had the tablet for a few months now and it has been a bitter disappointment.


Screen – no brilliant

Charging time – excellent

Functionality – quite fine

So what’s the problem:

The internal aerial is just rubbish.  It doesn’t speak to my broadband unless I’m practically in the same room.  FFS!  What is the point of a tablet?  Thus major let down.

Also the finger tip control is just not as good as my Samsung Galaxy S3 or my prior HTC phones – both of which are/were great.  They were/are elegant and true.  The tablet is decidedly untrue and I’m really pissed off.  I thought I had made a brilliant purchase.  I didn’t.  I even had our IT people look at it and we tried a new high powered access point.  Didn’t solve the problem.

Overall – wish I’d bought a Samsung or even an iPad (we have no Apple products here).


Tablet as  a concept is fine and I found a brilliant fee pinball game.  But I’m not happy.



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2 Responses to Update to PiPO tablet

  1. It wasn’t cheap and apart from the aerial it is fabulous. How disappointing they messed up on that one – major – point

  2. Andrew says:

    Brings to mind old Chinese proverb – Buy cheap, buy twice

    Or perhaps the ‘suicidal slave children’ in the PiPO factory, as was alleged by somebody on here previously, sabotaged it!

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