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I was asked to go on to talk about bankers’ bonuses.  However, Richie Allen, the presenter of the eponymous show, is an old mucka of mine in the sense that he and I have discussed economics and liberties for years when he was at Talk Radio Europe, from Spain.  So we didn’t dwell on the bonuses (BTW – #bringbackcapitalism and #hikeratesnow and I assure you you will never hear about bankers’ bonuses ever again).

Instead, in a wide ranging live interview, we talked about govt debts, depression, Capitalism in 1920 USA (Pres Warren G Harding), conspiracies – not my bag – and Iceland.  When I get the copy I’ll put it here and tweet it and you can watch for yourself.

What I want to do is publicise TPV TV.  At its heart is a certain David Icke – the much derided (by the mainstream media [ thus there is your cue to give him your ear at least once ] ex-BBC man who says, if I understand correctly, that lizards run the world.  Or at least shadowy elite organisations do.  Maybe they do., Maybe they don’t.  It’s conjecture until we have hard evidence – as I said on the show.  Around Mr Icke appears to be a group of idealist fighters.  I’m not sure what they’re fighting for.  But mostly it’s a good thing.

They’re sandals wearers (!), ex army guys, media guys and loads of conspiracy theorists and media (production) people – mostly volunteers, from what I can see.

The thing appears to be almost entirely crowd funded.

I hope it has its heart in the right place as opposed to another way the elite brainwash us or even worse (in once sense) just a way for Icke to sell his books and gigs.

However, my impression is a group of lefties who don’t understand the world but – of course – they think they do.  It’s the bastard right.  It’s the bankers.  It’s the fascists etc etc

Except mateys – the marxists are exactly the same.    When I go on I tell them that.  They get it then they forget bcos they have 50 lefties on to 5 righties and 1 Libertarian Capitalist ie the likes of me.

They don’t get that it’s not left v right.  it’s Politicians, corporations, bankers, central bankers and mainstream media v us.

However, some of their shows are like nothing you’ll see in the MSM.  Give it a go.  You never know.  You might like it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    do you know that your hero, hayek was very reluctant to come to the US, having been dependent on the excellent universal healthcare system in social democratic austria. he was, however, persuaded by billionaire trustafarian, charles koch – not because the billionaire would pay for his treatment, but charles koch, his sugardaddy, assured him that he would be able to recieve socialist medicare.

    how cynical can you get?

    • Anonymous says:

      and the people who hayek worked for – the inbred habsburg aristocrats, the rockefellers and the kochs – “by your friends they shall know you” – his crackpot elitism is merely a psuedo-intellectual fig leaf for the interests of aristocratic wealth and privilege, do you really think aristocrats and billionaire monopoly capitalists by way of inheritance want “free market competition” – no they want to retain their privileges of birthright.

  2. Anonymous says:

    are you a dishonest or simply deluded, with a fascistic need for randian heros and leaders like maggie? inequality rocketed under thatcher – the most equality britain ever had was in 1976. now we are returning to 1918 levels of inequality as masses of easily available data demonstrates.

    • No by Major due to Thatcher equality was rising. Major Blair and Brown and of course Cameron equality has been decimated

      Only capitalism can reduce inequality. Not the crap we have had since the early 90s

      • Anonymous says:

        did you see you the chart i helpfully attached? why are austrian schoolers immune to empirical data? as well as getting more unequal, we also became more socially immobile. if you are from a poor background and wish to become wealthy, the best place to do so is denmark.

      • Anonymous says:

        can you show me a chart that shows when unfettered capitalism (not the protectionist and socialistic harding compromise) has produced a more equal society? thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Lady Thatcher is great theater as long as someone else is writing her lines; she hasn’t got a clue.” – sir alfred sherman, mentor to thatcher alongside keith joseph and victor rothschild. you couldn’t make it up!

    • Common sense tells us that we were not more equal then than now. Also, you know that opportunity came available to anyone in the 80s. Not so the 70s when we were run as a Socialist republic. Nor now when debt is up to eyeballs and the only people laughing are bankers and billionaires

      • Anonymous says:

        rubbish – my father was the son of a miner who left school at 14 and went to war. thanks to the post war consensus, he recieved a classical and university education at taxpayers expense and went on to become a cultivated man of letters – now social mobility is less likely as i showe you in the graph – what on earth are you going on about “common sense”? i remember a more equal society pre thatcher where working class people could become middle class through debt free education and a factrory worker could suppourt a wife and 2 kids.

      • And what you singularly fail to realise is the encroachment of socialism is the reason why 2 generations ago 1 earner brought up a family and now 2 earners and vast borrowings doesn’t cut it. You won’t be missed. You have good points but your blind. Write your own blog

      • You also make some extremely poorly thought-out points

      • Anonymous says:

        wages are at their smallest percentage of gdp on record while the gap between the highest and lowest earnings are growing exponentially and have been doing so since thatcher and reagan. before there was any government intervention, the poor left school at 14 or younger, worked in sweatshops, prostitution and in domestic service, working a year in hand as well as having to work informally as a sex slave.

      • Anonymous says:

        “You also make some extremely poorly thought-out points” – ok – here are 2 articles by comfortingly consevative figures who demonstrate what i am talking about.

      • Anonymous says:

        you are the one with an un-nuanced, randian, one size fits all, inverted marxism, utopian view, who can not respond to empirical data and the reality of the thatcher puppet, surrounded by crooks and paedos.

      • Anonymous says:

        and of course, the bankers, billionaires and aristocrats (who already own everything) have nothing to fear from libertariansim – deregulation, flat tax, no inheritance or property tax, private courts – which is why they spend so much money financing it. you know this is trues, but i guess you have invested much faith in your cultist religion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    if thatcher hated sleaze so much, why did she appoint “noted pederast”, peter morrison as her parliamentary private secretary? why was she so fond of other perderasts like harvey proctor and alan clark? and how about that appaling monstrosity of a man, cecil parkinson and lord archer?
    do you not know how many names from the the far right, racist, friedmanite, pro apartheid Monday Club appear on the elm guest house paedophile list? you couldn’t make it up!

  4. Anonymous says:

    surely, the west german social market model has proven empirically to be a far superior sytem to sustain prosperity over decades, with high wages and decent working conditions? i know libertarians don’t believe in empirical evidence, as shown in your views on minimum wage (australia, netherlands and luxembourg – all more prosperous with historically lower unemployment and much higher min wage )

    • Yeah Germany doesn’t have huge liabilities like everyone else does it? Also the govt hasn’t yet taken the banking debts.
      Only capitalism works. Not rubbish promises that will be reneged on. The next generation or two is/are toast, economically and politically

      • Anonymous says:

        i was talking about west germany vs thatcher’s britain. and how on earth can you say “only capitalism works” when, as you yourself concede, it has only existed on this earth for 2 and a half years under the harding, who was a protectionist with some socialist policies.

      • And yes inequality fell during the 80s

      • Anonymous says:

        they have “real” capitalism with no welfare or unions in the philippines, together with child labour, open sewers and parents raping their children over the internet for a living.

      • Yeah there’s no corruption at all. For goodness sake

      • Anonymous says:

        the debt has to be written off as many debts have through history – most of it is ficticious or odious anyway. the 3rd world is paying off the debts of dictators once friendly to the west and we still pay a consul bond for the napoleonic wars. a jubilee is the only thing to be done – the debt can never be paid. under “proper” capitalism, the netherlands and the UK used to have far higher debts than today.

      • It will be defaulted and the bulk of welfare/pension promises will be reneged. 30 yr depression

      • Anonymous says:

        thatcher was a disaster, you just “believe” in all of this rubbish about rationality, self-evident rights, an unscientific interpretation of human nature and “natural elites”. empirically, inequality and poverty increased massively under thatcher. there is ample research into historic gini coefficients and inequality available on the internet – we went from being one of the most equal countries in europe to one of the most unequal.

        how come the west germany, the netherlands and scandinavia were so much more prosperous during her tenure?

      • Rubbish. We went from sick man of Europe to strongest and wealth grew at all strata. When you spout that I’m done

      • Anonymous says:

        how on earth do you associate capitalism with a lack of corruption after thatcher (westland, savile, kincora, cash for honours) made the tories unelectable over sleaze? or the embezzling rapsists pinochet and suharto?

      • Yeah that corruption is the same as now. Behave

      • Anonymous says:

        i feel for the current generation leaving university having to pay back 100k to banks for a 3rd rate education only to work for free on workfare. min wage here is just under 1500 euros a month, plus extra months holiday pay plus about 200 euros travel expenses, no student loans.

      • Exactly. Bring back capitalism. Hike rates now. Ban bank bailouts. Prosecute bank generals.
        Costs of living will collapse. We can then grow for a generation

      • Anonymous says:

        the gini coefficient rocketed from .25 to .35 under thatcher – these are facts.

      • And what was it by the 1990s when her policies were in effect?

      • Anonymous says:

        thatcher’s sleaze has meant that the conservatives will never win an overall majority and never have more than 1 seat north of the border. and just wait til the scandal breaks over the minister filmed at a child sex party linked to snuff films.

      • LOL! Thatcher hated sleaze. Others in Marxist Tories however. ..

      • Anonymous says:

        apart from a small dip under john major, inequality has been increasing year on year in the UK as the chart shows. have you any idea how well the poor live in scandinavia and NL compared to the UK? why this malthusian hatred of the poor?

      • You are not getting. The equality rose due to capitalism. It fell due to Marxism of Major Blair and Brown and Osborne

      • Anonymous says:

        so how would have thatcher done had she had the unprecedented windfall of north sea oil as well as the proceeds of flogging off our housing stock as well as our utilities and industries? north sea oil alone was about 3% of gdp and growth was average at .6% per quarter. unemployment was on average, higher than post war average under thatcher.

      • She would have been far less successful in turning round a failed economy

      • Anonymous says:

        blair carried on thatcherism – she said blair was her greatest achievement.

        as for sleaze, she spent every christmas at chequers with jimmy savile – you just wait for the elm guest house scandal to erupt.

      • Not economically.
        She said it AS YOU SHOULD KNOW in that he modernised – a little – Labour.

      • Anonymous says:

        see – i completely agree with half of your analysis – no bailouts and arrest criminal bankers, but increasing interest rates without first writing off debt will result in blood on the street and the poor being forced into crime and prostitution.

      • Rubbish. You really don’t get it. More have savings than debts. I’m out

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah – i’m out, too – no point arguing with a religious extremist (what is austrian economics, but a secular religion, funded by koch and rockefeller trust funds) who denies all empirical data and lives, like some jihadi, by a serious of absurd, non-sensical axioms.

        and thatcher hating sleaze! ha – that has given me a laugh! she lobbied incessantly to get savile knighted when it was well known he was a gangster, pedophile and necrophiliac. and her son (who now has a hereditary title – go meritocracy!) is banned from most of the civilsed world, even from monaco, switzerland and s africa, which is pretty hard to do even for gangsters and disgraced oligarchs!

        here’s max keiser debunking the thatcher legacy –

    • I do agree that Germany has a more meritocratic society than here. However still toast due to banks

      • Anonymous says:

        not just more meritocratic, FAR more egalitarian. germany’s small private, local banks are fine – some 2000 of them hold 70% of the total market.

      • Could be. Capitalism alive but not necessarily well

      • Anonymous says:

        the sort of capitalism that exists in the german, austrian and swiss sme manufacturing sector is the sort that works. low differentials in pay from top to bottom, unionised, empowered workers with compulsary works councils and a more deomcratic, egalitarean society (with affordable education, healthcare and a welfare saftey net) without the hatred of the poor and unfortunate endemic in britain’s elite.

  5. Anonymous says:

    it is difficult to know weather harding’s brief tenure was successful due to lower taxes, or his heavy protectionist tarrifs, interfering in the market to introduce an 8 hour work day, his introduction of socialist child benefits, or his eventual appeasement of the unions after having bombed them and gassed them. every word true – look it up. he was also the ultimate crony capitalist, handing government contracts and sweet jobs to his freemason mates and financial backers, which is why he remains one of the least popular presidents in history.

    other examples of your mythical “libertarian capitalism” were less successful, including the von mises administered dolfuss austrofascism, pinochet’s murderous regime (unempolyment averaging 16%) and thatcher, who hosed our north sea oil wealth and everything else she could sell cheap on benefits and tax cuts on unearned income, ending up increasing the overall tax burden as a percentage of gdp from 39% to 43%. crime also increased by a staggering 79%.

    you couldn’t make it up.

    • He remains unpopular or at least forgotten bcos he used capitalist methods. Perish the thought anyone should realise that capitalism works and failed banks should be let go bust

      • Anonymous says:

        he used mixed methods, like all successul governments do. introducing an 8 hour day is interfering in the market, tarrifs are protentionist and child welfare is socialist.

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