Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto. Has anyone in the media looked at his policies?


Something has niggled me about the Rob Ford story, without coming to my consciousness until now.

I saw a media bod tweeting about him pejoratively.  HAHA How funny.  What a laughing stock Ford is etc

And it came to me.

Swearer. (Who isn’t?)

Charlie sniffer (Who hasn’t, in power?)

Drunkard (Who in Parliament is sober?)

And that’s the point, he’s a brash and full on and he’s done some things more associated with The Bullingdon Club – perish the thought OUR NATIONAL leaders would EVER do any of the above…

But did our so-called news media ever actually look at his policies???

We’ll get to that in a moment.  Now, it has been put to me that he isn’t in the news because of his policies.  Fair point.

Except that’s exactly the point.  Why the Hell is our media – our so called best news media in the World [Don’t make me laugh!] – selling us his antics?  Why don’t they tell us the News?

So, he’s the Mayor of a major City.  So, he’s the 100,000th most powerful person in N America.  Yet he makes news all over the World.

Do you see where I’m going with this now?  WHAT IS THE MEDIA UP TO?  Why is it spending so much time on this guy?

Well, he’s easy meat.  He has no resources to stop the show.  Most importantly, he’s political porn.  It’s not news.  It’s the Sun / News of the World idea of journalism.  IT ISN’T NEWS when there’s so much other shit going on.  IT IS WHAT THE MEDIA WANT YOU TO SEE.  Perish the thought they should focus on NSA or JP Morgan or Venezuela.  No, no.  Instead what they want you to see is a fat, ebullient, drunk City Mayor.  FFS!!!

He’s not my cup of tea. But but but.

I see his policies are about budget cuts and stopping local monopolies.  Are you getting it yet?  Whenever you buck the system, you better watch out.  Do not make a bad move because THEY will pounce. They will use every (normally but not exclusively by any means) legal means at their disposal to bring you down.  So what’s new?  You Couldn’t Make It Up.  Well, the likes of Orwell did.

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18 Responses to Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto. Has anyone in the media looked at his policies?

  1. Anonymous says:

    funny when libertarians quote orwell, a democratic socialist who wanted to nationalise all land, railways and banks, close eton and harrow and limit executive pay to 10 times the lowest pay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    because privatisation has been so amazingly successful in the UK, hasn’t it??? worst trains in europe, awful oligopilies in power generation and water, etc.

    the privitisation of housing stock in the UK (and the paying of housing benefit to private landlords) has been one of the worst examples of redistribution to rich, rent seeking parasites seen since the awful magna carta and the enclosures.

    and it is quite newsworthy that he is a 30 stone crackhead psycopath. he would be as vulnerable to blackmail as known pederasts like thatcher’s boy, peter morrison.

    • Oligopolies is obviously not free markets

      • Anonymous says:

        free markets are like unicorns. they have never existed in reality. competition and private ownership is fine when you have choice (like car manufacture, telecom), but i’d like to know how that works out with private monopolies like severn trent or arriva (100% owned by the german state) or the awful mess of low cost housing in the UK, now owned by the sons of tory grandees.

      • indeed it’s difficult. i read there are minnows in energy industry who offer cheaper etc. level teh playing field and let them in. reduce regulation so that barriers to entry fall etc

        get rid of a group setting int rates. let mkt set rates, house prices would collapse and people would actually be able to afford to house themselves

      • Anonymous says:

        there can never be a free market in housing in the UK due to all of the land being owned by a handful of families and institutions. you can thank the magna carta for that – turning thieving squatters into landlords in perpituity overnight.

        council housing is better for the poor than handing bags of money to buy to let parasites through housing benefit. surely nobody is still celebrating thatcher’s “help to buy to let” scheme?

        as for energy, it’s difficult to really have competition when they all share the same infrastructure. also funny to note that the communist chinese government are financing our nuclear power and the french socialst government are building it at guaranteed prices for decades.

      • Anonymous says:

        do you realise that many of the best energy companies are majority owned by states or regions? particularly in switzerland.

      • Been discussed b4 on this site. And how much do taxpayers and/or next generation subsidise?

      • Anonymous says:

        repower in switzerland makes a profit. so does deutche bahn and the swiss federal railways. even directly operated railways in the UK makes a profit, rather than sucking on the government teat, then avoiding taxes.

        in singapore, temasek (a 100% government owned investment company) owns all of the power infrastructure in singapore. through this and other profitable state owned enterprises, temasek returns a massive dividend to the state every year.

      • Yet nationalised industries in uk normally do really bafly

      • Anonymous says:

        sure – nationalised industries can be terrible, but selling them off to serco and G4S for peanuts and charging a fortune for them is hardly a good example of competition. and these companies, often owned by private equity groups, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds or even nationalised companies (arriva, abellio, Eon, sncf and more) who then hide behind a right to “privacy” is the worst conceivable option for customer and taxpayer. the swiss railways have been publicly owned for over 100 years, for example.
        and when it goes wrong, like with tepco and the recent canadian rail disaster, the hated nanny state then has to bail out the privateers.

      • is that what rob ford wanted to do? If yes he wouldn;t have been strung up

      • Anonymous says:

        according to troika posting below, he (an oligarch with an inherited fortune) was selling off the public domain at a frantic pace, which hasn’t exactly worked wonders in the UK. enjoying the bi-weekly privatised refuse collection in the uk? it turns out that over here (NL) privitisation was less efficient than public provision.
        he is a morbidly obese, crack fuelled murder ranting psycho who would have carried on unimpeded had the camera phone not become ubiquitous.

  3. Troika says:

    To the best of my knowledge, Rob Ford’s policies are the reason the media and other City Councillor’s hate him. Many City councilors are left wing socialist/communists. Many City residents have gotten addicted to the housing, child care, and other welfare hand outs. City employees have gotten use to the overpaid salaries and benefits. Councillors know they can get elected by appeasing these groups. Ford wants to end the gravy train by 1. privatizing public housing (2,200 units, making the City the biggest Landlord in North America- imagine that) and get out of the housing business, 2. privatize the city Zoo, 3. get rid of the land transfer tax, 4, privatize garbage pick up, 5. privatize parks and rec maintenance 6. cut city employees overpaid salaries and benefits ( a garbage man can make $60,000 a year in Toronto) Toronto is one of the safest Cities in North America yet it spends over 1 $ Billion on the Police Service. Over 25% of property taxes goes to pay the police. Average Constable salary is $ 86,000 plus many benefits a year.
    The PRESSTITUTES hate him because they know he knows who they really are.

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