PiPO M9 Pro

I want to do my bit to inform people of an amazing competitor in the tablet world.

I bought the PiPO M9 Pro 3G a couple of weeks ago from an EBay seller. It is Chinese made (as they all are) and configured for the British market.
The spec is astounding:
  • 2 GIG RAM (iPAD, Nexus, Samsung etc normal is 0.5G)
  • 32 GIG memory (normal 16)
  • Quad core processor (normal is dual core)
  • 5 MP camera forward / 2 MP Reverse (normal 2 and NIL)
  • 3G (normal N/A)
  • Retina display
  • 7800 battery
  • slim and attractive
  • 10.1 ” screen
I am writing this post on the tablet.
Oh did I not mention the price? 260 Quid.
Anyone looking at buying a tablet that is a Ferrari rather than an AUDI, you might want to consider it.
No. I have zero connection to the company.
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12 Responses to PiPO

  1. Anonymous says:

    is it made by suicidal slave children?

  2. Also sounds good. What size is it?

  3. G says:

    New Nexus 7 is better – and under a guarantee with google. It’s only £300 for the 32G/2GB RAM/4G LTE/Quad-core/5MP+2MP cameras/Android 4.2/ and the rest version. Plus they start at £180. Given it isn’t 10″ but I think the Nexus 10 is comparable. Hmm save £40 or risk £260… Hmmmm

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