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Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto. Has anyone in the media looked at his policies? Something has niggled me about the Rob Ford story, without coming to my consciousness until now. I saw a media bod tweeting about him pejoratively.  HAHA How funny.  What a laughing stock Ford is etc And it came to … Continue reading

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To QE or not to QE?

Of course, anyone who knows me will already know the answer to that. I often include this in tweets: #BanQE It is proven beyond doubt (except for the liars – the politicians, the bankers, the central bankers, the media, the … Continue reading

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Investment markets – SandP 500 topping?

I admit I’ve seen tops in the S&P for quite some time.  For many reasons eg ¥ troughed v US$ in May – I guess I expected a bounce back, instead we have had this coiling DJ is flat since … Continue reading

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Job at our firm – PLEASE RT

Unashamedly advertising a job with us Link to Details of Firm and Vacancy at Jonathan Davis Wealth Management Part time Client Service Administrator, East Herts AVAILABLE NOW Deadline for applications Monday 18 November 2013 Circa 20 hours per week, term … Continue reading

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The problem with Socialism

An economics professor at a top university made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be … Continue reading

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I want to do my bit to inform people of an amazing competitor in the tablet world. I bought the PiPO M9 Pro 3G a couple of weeks ago from an EBay seller. It is Chinese made (as they all … Continue reading

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