Investment markets

I haven’t commented on investment markets thus far (apart from the UK housing market).  Doing so now.

So the US Debt Ceiling nonsense is coming to a climax.  It is total nonsense.  It is as material as Syria and Greece ie not material.  But the media make it important.  It’s political theatre.  Forget it.

Click to view US Debt

Markets are also coming to a head, as we see it.

Gold and Silver and Mining Stocks

We still believe that we will see $1000/oz before we see $2000 (we’ve been largely out for 2 years).  However, we see a bounce building here to maybe as much as $1600 (that is not a target).  We’re dipping a toe or two here.

US Treasuries

As money comes out of US stocks into Emerging Markets, we see USTs as building a significant foundation here.


We see JPYen as strengthening here v US$.  This should hit JPY stocks hard and also help bring US / UK etc shares down.

Go get ‘em.

NB.  Not one of these is a forever hold.  PMs may turn out to be so but that is not our primary view right now.

NB.2   If any of them don’t bite we will not hang around with them.

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10 Responses to Investment markets

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  2. Anonymous says:

    if south africa were communist, they wouldn’t be privatising everything and all of the minerals would not belong to the oppenheimer family and the apartheid debts would not be paid by the black victims

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thabo Mbeki said: “Just call me a Thatcherite – look it up

  4. Anonymous says:

    what do you think will happen to the gold price when south africa nationalises her mines, after the thatcherite zuma has gone?

    • No idea but I doubt it would be earth shattering. The market will do what it is going to do anyway.
      I’m amazed you compare Zuma – Communist surely? – to Thatcher. hence why you’re talking about nationalisations.

  5. Alan says:

    “We still believe that we will see $1000/oz before we see $2000”

    It’s Tuesday afternoon and we haven’t seen a slapdown on Gold. Have the manipulators taken an early half-term holiday?

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