Hello world!

I write frequently to clients, in an update format (of Economics and Markets and, sometimes, with a flavour of Politics), as well as 4 times a year to the couple of thousand on our mailing list who are not clients.

These are emailed on a Push basis.

I have decided to start actual blogging to amuse myself, mainly, and also perhaps to expand on a few of the dozens of tweets I make or retweet on the brilliant Twitter each week – 17,822 tweets/retweets so far since September 2009.

I find Twitter to be an excellent learning tool and teaching tool.

c 18k tweets and yet I have NOT ONCE in my life opened a Facebook page.  Surely, that, in itself, is worthy of a blog as to why one and not the other.   All i good time, dear Non-reader.

Non-reader?  Well no-one is going to read this are they?  Maybe future entries may get some readers but not this intro piece.

Anyway I signed up to WordPress last September – yes a year ago –  and never did anything to it.  Until 20 minutes ago when I saw the Favourite in my browser and thought ‘what is that?’.  I opened it up and WordPress had set me up a starter entry and all I have to do is Edit it and then post it.  So, I thought how clever of them.  Plug and play.

WordPress is an impressive platform with lots of buttons to click and find out what they do.  Over time I hope to master the facility and smarten up the blog and make it more attractive etc.  For now it’s very plain and unattractive.  Expectation 1 will likely be achieved – no readers but me.

So, I’m going to write about stuff – economics, markets, politics as well as other stuff I come across and think ‘that’s worth a blog entry’ and people I come across who do or say interesting things etc

I’m looking forward to being out and about and, if I want to say more than  140 characters, I can go in and quickly bash something out (!) and hey presto words of whatever will be in the ether.  The wonders of modern technology!

Anyway ‘Er indoors has just called for me to arrive at the table for tea.  So, logging off my first one ever.  I do wonder where this will take me.

I do hope people will eventually find this and correspond with me and, of course, I expect the ‘you’re a total f”””g d”’h”d Davis’.  Not looking forward to them though.

Thanks for reading, No-one.

NB Theme from my favourite Bond movie has just come on Smooth FM – Louis Armstrong – We have all the time in the World.  Lazenby and Rigg were amazing.  Of course Lazenby totally f””d up.


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  1. It took me half an hour to actually find out how to publish the thing. Oh I’ll also be using the blog to fulminate about stuff. That reminds me…

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